Meet Brenda Casas

Brenda loves her job as the leader of our team. She’s a mortgage professional with a wide variety of experience who inspires her team to work together to provide excellent customer service. Her top priorities are closing loans on time and holding customers’ hands every step of the way so they feel comfortable with the mortgage they’re getting.

Brenda grew up in Columbia and spent the early years of her career working with Microsoft as an area sales manager before spending time in Australia, and later, Los Angeles. She worked as an area sales manager with a large mortgage company for several years before moving to Las Vegas to become a licensed loan officer.

Brenda’s loved the last 12 years of helping people get loans so they can buy homes of their own. Her favorite part of the job is connecting with people and finding ways to help them reach their goals. She also loves working with the best real estate agents in Las Vegas.

Though she’s usually working, Brenda has plenty of hobbies when she has some spare time. She is a runner and enjoys participating in races. She also loves to travel with her husband (together they’ve seen the Seven Modern Wonders of the World). She can’t wait to take her new son on all sorts of adventures when he’s a little bit older!

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