Refinance a Home Faster

Our streamlined loan review process can help you buy or refinance a home faster than ever before.


Whether you’re buying a new home or refinancing your current home, you’ve got a goal in mind, and we’re here to help!

With our streamlined loan process, we can help you close in as few as 21 days. That’s something to be excited about, especially since the national average for mortgage loan closings was 42 days (as of 10/2016). Think about it: by the time other people are signing their closing documents, you’ll already be enjoying your new home or enjoying the financial benefit of your refinance loan!

So how does it work? How can CrossCountry Mortgage, Inc. close your loan faster than other lenders? We must be doing something weird, right? Not at all. It all boils down to being proactive and efficient — on both our part and yours.


Here’s how it works:


    1.  Within 3 days of submitting your application, you must submit your income, assets and credit documentation. We’ll work closely with you to obtain all required documentation to ensure that it’s complete and accurate, and submit it to loan processing for review.
    2.  An appraisal will be ordered, a title search will be completed and property insurance will be verified. A loan processor will review your documentation and submit it to underwriting within 24 hours.
    3.  Your loan will be assigned to an underwriter who will complete an initial review within 48 hours. If any conditions are required, your loan will be sent back to the processor to work with you to clear conditions within 2 days.
    4.  Your loan will be given to an underwriter for final review. The underwriter will issue a clear to close (CTC) and assign the loan back to the processor who will inform all parties of the CTC, verify the closing date and time, and place the loan in the closing queue. The closer will have 24 hours to provide closing documentation to the settlement agent.
    5.  You’ll attend the closing and sign all remaining documentation. Once the loan has funded, you’ll receive your keys to your new home. Congratulations!


Financing a home is faster and easier than ever before. Our licensed, experienced loan officers will help you understand the variety of mortgage types available, identify the right loan for your personal and financial goals, and navigate the home process.

We are ready to help you close your new loan in as few as 21 days – Give me a call or send me an email today.

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